HSC Subject List With HSC Subject Code List

HSC subject list and all subject code at a glance. HSC science group, humanities group, commerce group subject list. And subject code of HSC science group, humanities group, commerce group. Get the right one which you need all from the below. we are about what will happened if you get wrong information. Here we are try to provide you right information. Every student should know there all option for taking the right choice. Take a look HSC subject board challenges.

HSC subjects for all groups

After completing your SSC program , Its time to start your HSC program. Now at this moment first student primarily select there desire college. When you admit your desire college and select desire group. After admitting desire college with desire group. Its time for subject selection. It is very important for all student subject selecting. Subject selection has a great role to make a great result. For this you should know about your all options for your perfect selection.

HSC Subjects for Science Group

For the students who chose their section as science group. Well come for those students. You are the future scientist. One of you will invent something which is helpful for the world. In this time you should aware about your subject selection. Hope that, you are know about next subject selection. I trying to help to provide a information. We will be thankful, if this information will come a little bit essential for you.

Science group student have to take any three subject from the HSC compulsory subject list and subject code as a compulsory subject. As usual students who wants to be a doctor. For this type student as usual take Physics, chemistry, and Biology as compulsory subject.

This type student must have to chemistry, and Biology subject as major subject. And take three subject as a major subject with chemistry and biology. Take is easy, in our country student who wants to be doctor. This type students as usual take Physics, Chemistry and Biology subject as a major.

Students who wants to be engineer. For those students as usual take Physics, Chemistry and Higher math as a major subject. For Engineering students must need Higher math and physics subject. Don’t be worry for subject select take it easy dud.

Compulsory Subjects List For Science Group

Compulsory subject list for science group are given below. Take any three or four for major subject. All the best. Also we are provide the subject code. At a glance of science group compulsory subject list with the subject code.

Subject NameSubject Code
Physics (Theoretical) 1st paper174
Physics (Theoretical) 2nd paper175
Chemistry (Theoretical) 1st Paper176
Chemistry (Theoretical) 2nd Paper177
Biology or Higher Math
Biology (Theoretical) 1st Paper178
Biology (Theoretical) 2nd Paper179
Higher Math 1st Paper 265
Higher Math 1st Paper266

Optional Subjects List For Science Group

One things is that optional subject help that students wants to be a scientist. I think every student have favorite subject. As every subject of science group comparatively harder than other group. At a glance science group optional subject list and with also subject code.

Subject NameSubject Code
Biology (Theoretical) 1st Paper178
Biology (Theoretical) 2nd Paper179
Higher Math 1st Paper 265
Higher Math 2nd Paper 266
Agriculture Education (Theoretical) 1st Paper239
Agriculture Education (Theoretical) 2nd Paper240
Geography (theoretical) 1st Paper125
Geography (theoretical) 2nd Paper126
Psychology (Theoretical) 1st Paper123
Psychology (Theoretical) 2nd Paper124
Statistics (Theoretical) 1st Paper129
Statistics (Theoretical) 2nd Paper130
Engineering Drawings and Workshop Practices 1st Paper180
Engineering Drawings and Workshop Practice (Theoretical) 2nd Paper Optional-1222
Engineering Drawings and Workshop Practice (Theoretical) 2nd Paper Optional-2182
Engineering Drawings and Workshop Practice (Theoretical) 2nd Paper Optional-3183
Sports (Theoretical) 1st Paper158
Sports (theoretical) 2nd Paper159

HSC Subjects for Humanities Group

HSC humanities have major subjects list and subject code. All students have some strength zone. As so every student care about HSC subjects for humanities group. Select your Subject according to your interest and strength. So why waiting for start your next journey with your dream subject.

Compulsory Subjects For Humanity Group (Any Three Subjects)

From the compulsory subject list of humanities group take any three or four subject as a compulsory subject. Her you can also get all compulsory subject code and subject list. Take your loving and favorite subject as a major subject. One this is that the compulsory subject result help you more in the higher education.

Subject Name1st Paper2nd Paper
History, or Islamic History and Culture
History 304305
Islamic History and Culture267268
Civics and good governance 1st Paper269270
Sociology or social work
Sociology 117118
Social Work 271272
Geography (theoretical)125126
Logic 121122

Optional Subjects For Humanity Group

Optional subject is here for help one student make a good result. As usual all student want to be take the easiest subject. Because the easiest subject help to make a good result. On the other hand the compulsory subject should be your favorite subject. It may be help you the next higher education. Hey, don’t be worry, I am not trying to tell you optional subject is not like that. Yes you can do your next label education one of your optional subject. Here are the all optional subject list of humanities group. And subject code of optional humanities group subjects.

Subject Name1st Paper2nd Paper
Civics and good governance269270
Economy 109110
Geography (theoretical) 125126
Logic 121122
Social Science117118
Social Work271272
History 304305
Islamic History and Culture267268
Islamic Study249250
Psychology (Theoretical) 123124
Statistics (Theoretical)129130
Agriculture Education 239240
Soil Science (Theoretical)288289
Home economics273274
Arts and crafts (Theoretical)225226
Classical Music (Theoretical)218219
Arabic or Pali or culture
Arabic 133134
Sanskrit 137138
Pali 149150
Short Music (Theoretical)216217
Higher Math265266
Sports (Theoretical)(For BKSP students only)158159

HSC Subjects for Commerce Group

HSC subjects for commerce group and subject code. Commerce group is one of the demanded group in the present group. All kind of business strategy depends on business group.

Compulsory Subjects For Business Studies Group

For the Business group of HSC subjects list and the subject code. Take any three as a major subject and one as optional subject. Otherwise from the the compulsory subject list take three subject as a compulsory subject. And take one one for optional subject. Afterword take a look compulsory subject list and commerce group subject code.

Subject Name1st Paper2nd Paper
Accounting 253254
Economy 109110
Business Organization and Management or Finance, Banking, and Insurance
Business Organization and Management277278
Finance, Banking, and Insurance292293

Optional Subjects For Business Studies Group

Optional subjects for HSC business group and the subject code. In detail the optional subject list of business group students. The subjects in below, it is the options you have. In below the the optional subject you have many option for choose your favorite subject.

Subject Name1st Paper2nd Paper
Business Organization and Management277278
Finance, Banking, and Insurance292293
Statistics (Theoretical)129130
Geography (theoretical)125126
Agriculture Education (Theoretical) 239240
Home economics 273274
HSC Optional Subject List With Subject Code

Finally here, we have some option to select the exception from the other. Here are some interesting subject over there. If you are want something think about out of box. Then here you are welcome to do like that new things. There are all the subjects are optional subject. The all optional subject list and the subject code are given below.

Subject Name1st paper2nd paper
Home-management and child-rearing and family relations (theoretical) 197198
Home management and family life282283
Production Management and Marketing286287
General Science and Food and Nutrition Science (Theoretical)[Chemistry, Biological]192,193194
Food and Nutrition 279280
Practical Art and Garments and Textile (Theoretical)255256
Practical arts and apparel184185
Child Development298299

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